I give this day…

to bourbon, cigarettes, and words. I’ve taken care of what is needed, and therefore call today one that I haven’t lived in a long time – a day spent in a beautiful fog, a day spent. Spent. No meditation in the classical sense, more like a channeling of  how Bukowski might have felt. This is my day, and if you choose to judge me as I sip my bourbon in the noonday sun, then perhaps you should step back and think of nothing but the way that we all need our escapes.
This is mine, well deserved.

I listen to Tori and selected music from Cirque du Soleil. I haven’t listened to Tori Amos in ages and I wipe a tear away, but not because of her. Not anymore. They sometimes just fall and I want to take every fucking one of you to see Cirque, to see it through my eyes if yours are too clouded to see and I will tear mine out for you, for all of you so you can see that it doesn’t stop there, that outside the glorious tents of the circus lies the best of everything, life. There is magick waiting for us, there is everything we desire on a platter, don’t be shy – it doesn’ t suit you. Grab a handfull of lofe and know that it is yours, and always has been, just waiting for you. to find it. To KNOW. To believe.

I think of PoisonOrchid right now and I gotta tell you, you piss me off, you and many others, countless others.REACH, grab life. fuck your misery, right now escape from that and just know that your life is yours quit dwelling in your misery smile tell the world that you have created to fuck off and make a new one. SMILE. Believe it and start with that. SMILE. You, Amanda, walk up and down Decatur smiling and believing it and see how the world becomes better. Don’t you know that you and only you create your life? What you think is, What you think is, what you think you create, manifest. You hurt, we alll do, but that isn’t who you need to be or who you want  to be, is it? This goes to everyone, and me.

h I always learn.


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