It’s almost here! It’s almost here! Just a few more hours –

Holy SHIT this is going to be an INCREDIBLE show!

I’d could tell ya what *I* know about tonight,
(which may or may not have something to do with fire-breathing Jack-In-The-Boxes)
…but, I’m not going to. You’ll just have to come see what we have created for you *yourself*!

Vau de Vire, Circus Metropolus and bi-polar productions present:


starring, for your most primal of pleasures:
Cirque Berzerk
Vau de Vire Society
DJ Laird
Circus Metropolus
…and many lovely freaks abound!
w/ Couture showcase:
Miranda Caroligne
Bad Unkl Sista
Dumb Clothing

Saturday, November 18, 2006
DNA Lounge
375 11th St., San Francisco
9pm-4am; 21+, ONLY $15 !!!
Advance tickets available via

And now, the details and other fun stuff.
I can’t tell ya how excited we all are about it – this show is going to be absolutely amazing, without question the best we’ve put together yet! We’ve received so much support and love from you that we were thinking of a way to give a li’l somethin’ back and as a result, this will be a very, very special show. We’ve put together the most earth-shattering event to happen in San Francisco since 1906, and we would absolutely love you and all your friends to come – not only because we’ve put it together specifically for you, but also because if you miss it, it’s really going to suck when you hear friend after friend tell you how amazing it was. This time, we’re pulling out all the stops, and doing things even more unconventionally than usual!

Your beautiferous hosts, Vau de Vire Society and Gooferman, have collaborated to bring you such a delicious blend of San Francisco and L.A. underground that it’s absolutely certain to make this a night that won’t be soon forgotten – if ever!

Mark your calendars for This Saturday, November 18th, because on that extraordinary evening, we will bring you more sexy sexiness, deliciously talented talent, and entertainingly entertaining entertainment than you could ever wish to see – and I can and WILL guarantee you, you won’t see it anywhere else – not under one roof, on one stage, and in one evening, at least, and not in such a intimate setting. Performers on the floor in front of and behind you, in the air above you, on the stage, in your drink – and maybe, juuuuust maybe, even in your pants, if you’re lucky – or, if we are. We’re certainly going to do our best to get there!

Okay, I know you’re absolutely itching to know what the details are, so here’s the lineup that we have put together for you:

(CAUTION! Your rapturous reaction to what you are about to read MAY NOT BE WORK SAFE!)

Okay – ready? Cool. Dig THIS!

Our entire Vau de Vire Society family will be on hand this month to co-host with our GOOFERMAN pals a very special show! We’re bubbling with excitement at this month’s linup:

Cirque Berzerk Direct from LA-LA land and armed with an amazing ensemble of performers, we welcome our co-conspirators of the Red Nose District, the fabulous Cirque Berzerk!

Luxxury …”record-release party!”. In June ’06 Vau de Vire combined forces with Luxxury on the making of their music video “Dirty Girls”…which we’ll be premiering at Bohemian Carnival as well as joining our friends for a very-anticipated LIVE collaboration. After taking Europe by storm last month, Luxxury returns home to release their debut LP, “Rock and Roll” (is Evil). New Noise, London exclaimed, “This mash-up of glam rock, disco and synth-pop, played at a thumping pace, comes on like a slightly nastier, sleazier Scissor Sisters fronted by Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory, and we rather like that in a band.”

DJ Laird …another long-awaited collaboration, our pal Laird will be on hand to make the dance-floor thump while Vau de Vire adds an accompaying visual spectacle to the mix…just give us a reason, and Laird is plenty of one.

Xeno Our monthly cohorts in crime at Bohemian Carnival, Xeno will be doing what they do the best…showing off amazing choreography and providing us the ass-shakin’ ambient beats throughout the night. May we say what a pleasure it is to have these ground-breaking performers as a monthly staple at Bohemian Carnival…yes we may!

Nick.the.Neck Cirque Berzerk brings with them their very own mix-master extrordinaire Nick.the.Neck.

Miranda Caroligne and friends Miranda is the lovely lady behind many of Vau de Vire’s more fashionable couture (yes, mike’s skirts). As a special treat, impromptu fashion shows will be popping up and out through out the evening…yum!

and your hosts:
Vau de Vire Society When VdV began our journey together 2-years ago, we never expected at this point to have such a beautifully talented bad-ass family with friends that support our endeavors like y’all have. On this Special Evening, expect the largest ensemble of Sexy-Stylie Vau de Virians ever assembled. We promise you a multitude of titillating adventures throughout the night…don’t miss this one!

GOOFERMAN Your Bohemian Carnival Co-Hosts the Gooferman dudes are planning a unique tag-team set with Nick.the.Neck while debuting the Circus Metropolus performers. Ain’t no party unless the Klowns are involved!

more info.

We look forward to seeing you there, and thanks for all the love!


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