or at least that’s what I thought.
I have tools for things like this, to rationalize everything into logic stripped clean of emotion…
but sometimes the job is too large for such simple tools.

I try to go about my day just as any other, getting things done, pushing everything back,
but it won’t stay there.
I see her face, hear the last words from her
and somehow still expect her to call.

I told her she could call anytime, and meant it.
Actually, that would be pretty damn cool.
Freaky as fuck, but cool.

When I was living in Austin, there were two suicides associated closely with The Enchanted Forest – both incredible women, though I had only met one briefly. Albert had an interesting philosophy that I couldn’t help but adopt in the position I was in with just having lost Bean. It helped things make just a little bit more sense inside.
His theory is that there is a strong energetic shift happening in the worls/Universe right now, and this I truly believe, and feel – and there are some souls – some energies, that are taken or called because they are needed out of the physical plane, in order to help us do what we need to do here.

Energy never goes away.

I’d like to start putting together a gathering of her friends and her friends friends, hopefully sometime early next week – Monday or Tuesday eve if possible – just to get together and celebrate her life and her beauty – and just to see each other again or meet for the first time. I’m thinking something of an Irish wake.

We’ll keep her around in our fond memories.

So – what day are most people available, and where shall we have it?

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