time for some good news…

Normally I don’t post things involving this subject, but I felt like writing some good news – at least good for me.
First, a wee bit o’ the history.
A  couple of you know that I stopped taking meds over a year ago, just before leaving San Francisco. I had been taking them daily for almost nine years, and they did good, did what they were supposed to do – which was keep me alive. During those nine years, however, I heard more and more stories of people dying from liver failure as a result of the medications, and also there was one little scare where I couldn’t get my meds for about a week due to insurance problems  – and if you don’t take them regularly, some weird shit happens where the virus creates an immunity to the meds and they’re no longer effective.  The fear I felt at that time made me realize how dependant I had become on my meds. I din’t like it
I decided that I didn’t want that scare again, and I didn’t really want t die of liver failure so much – so with my Dr.s okay, (under the guise of a med holiday, as they’re called) I stopped taking them. Forever. Whatever happens, happens.

I’ve had a couple small scares – (every time I feel a bit sick it’s kinda terrifying, actually) – and a big one just before I left New Orleans when I got my bloodwork done and in the three months since the previous test, my viral load had multiplied by ten and my CD4 cell count dropped almost 100. For those not hip on the jargon, that’s a very, very bad thing.

Very shortly after that I left, went to That Thing In The Desert, then came here, and in the time I’ve been able to, have focused on meditation and a visualization that I put together exactly for my health – not only maintaining it, but entirely curing myself. I’ve only been doing it occasionally, but very focused – and just yesterday recieved the results from the blood work I had done around a month ago, four months after the test in NOLA.

My viral load has been cut more than half, and my CD4 count has just barely dropped.

This is a very, very good thing.

I was thinking the other day that I wanted to do something pretty amazing by the time I’m 40. My friend said that I almost entirely quit smoking and that was pretty amazing – but honestly, it felt a bit empty for an accomplishment. Besides, I still have a couple a week.
So this is what I’m doing – or at least, one of  the things. I’m going to cure myself. Entirely, of Everything.

Then, teach others how to do it as well.
Yeah. That will feel pretty amazing.

I’ve got about ten months.

Piece o’ cake.

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