Sick of me yet?

Here I am once again, yet hopefully for the last time with a couple quick but important requests.

First, my current lovely host has her sister visiting from Hawaii for two weeks starting this Monday, so I need to find another place to rest my noggin’, preferably in the city due to all the gear I need to carry to work & back and transportation costs. If anyone can help out with a few days of those two weeks here or there, that would friggin’ rock.

Second, I’ve been blessed by amazing and incredibly generous friends who have let me stay with them the past few months, but hell – it’s almost January and I’m far past due to find my own place, and part of the reason it’s taken so long is that I’m a bit picky – but really, all I want is a cool place with cool housemates in the city, and I know it’s out there waiting for me. Either a warehouse full of circus freaks or a home with a few calm, intelligent, evolved people. I’m looking to pay $600 or less.

SO, if *anyone* can help me with one of those in any way, I would really, really appreciate it – and I’ll do my absolute best so that you never, ever have to see another post like this from me again.

Thank you!


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