Hells yeah.

Just confirmed for my first professionally paid fire gig in the bay area. (The scratch I demand when I don’t give the “I LOVE YOU GUYS!” discount like with VdV.) Means I’m going to have to skip or come really late to Bohemain Carnival on the 20th, but dayum – the pay is over quadruple. Plus a costume stipend. Plus a respectable amount of cash for the fire safety I’ve trained, all in the budget.

I say again. Hells Yeah.

Quadruple. That’s a cool looking word.

Just finised making my new contact staff, and gawddamn – time to get practicin’ with it.

But it’s time to head over to Nighshade’s going away party – the guy who took all the photo’s in my tribey profile that say Blight.net. Cool fucking cat. Huge heart. Gonna miss seeing him…


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