Sharp pointy things flying through the air at 270 feet per second

My vision – what do you think? I need help with the music, and with the end. NEEDS to be dramatic in a WOW kinda way and I haven’t gotten this.

Ideas are more than welcomed…

Before end of previous performance, two girls with tall black umbrellas, black balloons hanging from the spines, begin to mingle around the crowd, creating a presence and a mystique – teasing the guests, inviting them to play, offering the umbrellas to hold but then pulling them away, laughing, pushing the bystander away in an almost wicked, sadistic way. Smiling, then sneering and walking away to the next target (guest). I’m one of those people, used in more of a choreographed way with movement and emotion. Goddamn, I WANT to play with them, to hold the umbrella and dance, but I just ain’t got it. I am shunned with the rest.


Previous act leaves the stage as girls walk up and the attention is on them as new music cues (working on that!), dancing with each other and adoring the umbrellas, immersed in themselves and showing superiority because of them fancy umbrellas with balloons. Goddamn stuck up umbrella beyotch.

During this time I will look longingly at them, come on stage and look around – and find an umbrella! A beat up, unimpressive, somewhat torn one. In hopes and confidence that I *may* be accepted, I open it, and approach the girls – try to dance with them, and just for a second am accepted – but then the condition of my umbrella is noticed and I am again pushed away. Gestures from the girls to the umbrellas and how mine just doesn’t match up.

I understand but am pissed off at the arrogance, toss the found umbrella aside, and search again, anger and resentment apparent – but find, this time, a bow and arrows. Vendictive gleam in my eye, I look at the arrows, look at the girls – look at the bow again – then run through the crowd to my perch.


This is where the technical shit comes in.

The target we will have will be 3’x3’, and I will be shooting at the balloons hanging from the umbrellas. I’m thinking each umbrella having six balloons and want to set it up so I can hit three at a time. I’ll look into that – if changes need to be made, no problem. This will be a good visual, as the balloons will have a bunch of silver glitter in them which will go poof and fall on the girls. Thinking that will be a nice effect. We’ll rehearse the placement of the girls and umbrellas to that they are placed properly for the arrows to hit the back target.

We’ll experiment with ideas so that the girls are still in motion and creating attention, but the target umbrella is completely still so I can get a good shot.


Working on an ending – here’s my idea:


One of the umbrellas will be collapsible/break-away – essentially there will be a 6” disc in the middle, close to the top of the shaft. The shaft will be split and attached in a way that when the disc is hit, the arrow will go partially through it, the umbrella will fly out of the girls hand, “break”, and stick in the target, and now the top of the umbrella will be visible. On the top of the umbrella will be written “Vau de Vire”.


Somehow that connects us, I run to the stage – the girl no longer has her umbrella, her accessory that makes her feel as if she’s untouchable, and now, finally, her shield is down, she feels naked and alone. I find the beat-up umbrella, open it and give it to her – sorry in a way for what I have done, but also, in a way, knowing it was necessary. We walk off stage admiring our new umbrella, sharing it, both under it and the magick. OH! BUT, before we exit the stage, I turn to her, take the umbrella from her hand, and toss it. She’s terrified, but in an instant sees that the umbrella was nothing but a security blanket, something that she doesn’t need, and realizes how beautiful she still is without it –

or she tosses the umbrella, etc.


Things still need to be worked out, but that is my simple vision for this act.


I don’t want to shoot more than six arrows – that’s the ooh aah, but it’s obviously planned and can get redundant really quick. (Four at balloons, one at umbrella break, Extra shot  if needed.


Things needed:


Um – girls. Yeah. Girls. Sexy ones. (We really don’t have any that *aren’t* sexy, do we?) Same or very similar height, just for aesthetics. Preferably a bit taller for more of a presence in the crowd – more intimidating, but taller not necessary.


Umbrellas – hitting the mission tomorrow (Mon.) will pick them up and alter them appropriately if I can find them really cheap..


MUSIC! Preferably without words, more based in movement than dance, if ya dig what I’m sayin’. Dark, definitely, but in a twisted carnival way. Subtle yet really noticed. Dramatic without taking the front of the stage – the girls are that. Cirque du Soleil has it down in that aspect. I’ll try to steal something from them, got a bunch on my computer. Any other suggestions thoroughly welcomed.


Target. You got that covered Mike, yeah?


Lots of practice.


Life insurance (JUST KIDDING!)


The balloons will be about two feet above their heads. I’ve destroyed (and once, split) arrows at forty yards, this will be no more than 20.


Access early during the day of the shoot/show so I can sight in my bow to the distance and make everything right and safe as fuck.


This works out, and we have (to the best of my knowledge) the only archery/circus act in existence – and this show is just a start. With a whole lot of practice, I can get good at throwing knives again, and there are fuck – flaming arrows are next, if it kills me.

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