in these dreams
sacrifices are made
I want more than
I think I deserve
than I think I am capable of
and as much as I may believe
I have everything inside of me to do
what I need to
life comes around
and I’m faced with ignoring what so many
tell me can’t happen
or seperating myself from them
and knowing what I believe in
as I am ravished by my own doubts
when things just don’t work out the way I have hoped
and I still am only a visitor
a stranger with no home
no ground
and I know better
I know
I know
because that is what
I have been taught, and that
is what I have learned in no easy way
that what needs to happen, will
and really, really
even through all the voices of doubt
I need to keep going
being me and
loving everything because without that
I am only reminded of an emptiness
and I believe
and I know
and I have my dreams back
and no one
not even me
will ever take those away again


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