Paradigm Shift

a spiral, but tight. I climb slowly, ascend bit by bit, I know what is right but when it’s time to come back around I step back down, back down and do it all over again, there is a way out of this and I know it but I don’t listen to me and I need to start hearing cut the devil off of my shoulder.
Every time it will be different. I get closer, but come back to the familiar afraid to let go of these crutches that have been there for far too long, too long to ignore.
but still – I do better, each time longer. Each time with more knowledge that I will never get to where to who to what I can be with these hindering my steps. All or nothing, but in this case it’s the nothing that leads to the all.
Moderation? Moderation. Switch my mind, re-wire. Re-think, think more clearly.
Fight as hard and as long as it takes.


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