In Between…

In between asleep and awake, in betweeen dreams and reality there is a place. This is the place where our thoughts run rampant. Exqauisite thoughts, delight, we try to sleep but everything is so delicious. We go places saturated with wonder, we go places wrapped up i beauty – beauty and pain. A world where we are free to think, to imagine – to CREATE – anything.

This is our world – and ya know what?

Always has been.

Dream, fuckers. Make your dreams true – they are.

You know how hard we need to work – look around you – but fuck – it’s not – NOT work, just life, and just life, and just life and

ask yourself this question – every fucking day:

Are you living your life??

Are you living yours – or someone elses?

There’s something going on – I know it – I feel it in the people I meet, but motre in the energy around me. Ain’t no small shit, people.

And this, having the first diatribe erased by a computer glitch – will end my preach.

Fuck you. I Love You.

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