It's been since I've returned here after Burning Man…

coming from eight months in New Orleans, that I decided to stay in beautiful San Francisco instead of head down to Los Angeles. It’s also been since shortly after Burning Man that I’ve essentially been homeless, and taking up precious space in incredibly generous people’s homes.

I’ve decided to take it a different route, and buy a van that I can live in and is drivable, unlike the van that I arived here in which had a window missing and could barely make it around the block after the 2400 mile trip.

I’ve though about the pro’s and con’s for a bit, and the pro’s scream past the cons. Not only will the right van offer comfortable shelter, but most importantly, I will be able to gather the things I need from the 6 places my belongings are currently in – a bag of costumes here, my stilts there, fire performance equipment somwhere else, and street performance gear – the most important for steady income, in another place. A van would enable me to get down to the Wharf easily, whenever I wanted, and I can put on makeup and costume there instead of in a random bathroom, and take it off in the van as well. All this, and not having to make arrangements to grab my street kit (about 25lbs of stuff on a wheeled cart) everytime I want to get out there, and try to figure out what to do with it, and where to wipe off my makeup, after.

I’ve been bouncing on and off of couches for a while now, and am weary of it. Weary of how I need to focus on a place to sleep every few days these days, and the way that brings this usually optimistic and cheerful boy down. Weary of the weight of the bags that are incessantly on my sore shoulders, and bouncing the bags off of people on busses on my way to drop of one and pick up another, depending on the performance or where I’m going to sleep for the night.

“NO MORE!” Says I, I says.

It just so happens that I have found the perfect van before I expected to  – a well running, 1983 Dodge Van Conversion, with a couch that folds out to a bed, nice stereo system, tinted windows, swivel chairs, ladder and a roof rack to help Vau de Vire and Circus Metropulus haul gear to our gigs. I’ve seen many other vans out there, some for more, some for less – but *all* of them didn’t fit the bill of what I needed so perfectly. Most had mechanical problems which were above and beyond what I could afford to do and the necessity of need, and most I would have to lay down on bare metal. This one is carpeted, has a bed, lining to keep in the warmth – perfect, except for it being brown.

I need to act fast, though. Because of not being able to make it down to the Wharf, I only have just under $340, and the van is $800.

I need your help. he’s asking $800 for the van, so I need $460 as soon as possible, and would really appreciate it if you could help me get this money together.

I am planning an amazing benefit show, but it’s not coming soon enough to grab this great deal. Spring is pretty much here, and that means the Wharf will be swimming with generous tourists – but still, that’s not soon enough. I’m hoping to get this by Thursday, as that is the day I need to find another place to sleep. Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could sleep in my van, wake up the next day, and work? HELL YEAH, it would!!!

Just something as simple as this van will help me pay back old debts, new ones, relieve the TONS of pressure that I’ve been feeling – and help me feel human again. Alive. Much less of a burden to all of my friends. Due to the almost non-existent overhead, it will also help me save up for a proper apartment. A Home.

I’m getting really sick of asking for help, and without question, if I can get this van, I won’t need to anymore – it’s sublimely beautiful how many challenges this will solve, in every aspect – though I will ask for a place to take a shower now and then. HELL, I can even offer space on the bed in my van to people who need it!!!  I Just thought of that!

Time is of the essence, it will be sold soon – if you can help financially, please, please do.

I have a paypal account at

I’ll do your dishes, clean your bathroom, change your kitty litter. I’ll stiltwalk or breathe fire at your next party for $25 and over. I’ll give you a huge hug and a sincere, relaxed smile – the smiles I used to have. I still remember them.
I’ll give you a copy of the book that I’ve decided to go forward with, and who knows – you just may be glowingly portrayed in it.

I’ll remember you, and appreciate your generosity forever – but if you just want cash, I will most certainly pay you back. Things are moving forward, I’ve remembered my dreams and I’m chasing them down with a glorious vengance, and they are becoming reality. Things are happening, yo.

Please help, if you can. Please please please, and thank you, so very much.



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