Someone, some lovely woman, who gave me money in my plea asked if I had found a home. Asked if the money whe gave me went to a good purpose. It took me a day to respond, because I wanted to give her some meat, a reason, something tangible.

To all of those who loaned or gave me scratch, I can’t say enough thank- you’s. I’m not one at naming names, but you know whou you are – and I probably will soon anyway.

Fuggit – I will now.

Dave(!), Slim, Autumn, Sandra, Anastasia (!), Nathan, Wenzdai, Jenny,  Bobzilla, Whitney, Rich, Indira…  More, always more. Thanks to you, I have already begun helping others. Thanks to all of you, dreams are not that far away. Dreams are here, always here just waiting to be accepted.


ALL of you have helped me, some more than once. Some, for extended periods of time until it just got too much,  Which reminds me to shed love on Keven and Elliotte, as well., Just time. My saviors wnen I returned to the Baye  Aeria.

And with that, I leave you to a reply that has just been sent to the sender of the place that I needed to send it to.

Her Question was; ” Have you found a home?”
The reply follows…h


I apologize for not thanking you sooner, but I really, really wanted to be able to say “this is what you helped do!” instead of “thanks for the money!”

Well, dear Jenny, this is what you helped so much in me getting, just last night:

It’s not as pretty as the pictures, but man – with just a very small bit of creative love it will be glorious – it already IS! (I just need to customize it a bit, of course)

The motor is very strong, it drives beautifully, is warm, and very, very comfortable – this will be my first night in it, outside of a friends house (which is where I am writing this from now).

Along the top of the inside there are lights (about 8 total, 4/side) that can individually be turned on, it has a bunch of cool little storage spaces in the roof and a big one under the bed in back, and all I really *need* to do is fix the driver/passenger chairs, as it comes with a built in “gangsta lean”. Lots of window that you can see in the pictures in the add, all tinted for privacy – though I am going to put up curtains as well, because of the lights.

I’ts not necessarily (hardly!) economical on gas with it’s 21 year old V8, but hell, when it needs to, it gets up and goes. The motor was recently rebuilt and it has a new carb, and purrls like a tiger. I spent eight years as a Harley Mechanic, so if something is amiss I can’t help but notice it (that’s what I’m trained to do!) – but on this motor – nothing. No hesitation, no lifter or rod noise – it runs cool and starts up instantly. Even pulls me up the rediculous inclines of San Francisco with no problem. If I didn’t know better, I would think it was yawning as we went up one of the steeper ones today.
 I’ll try to figure out the actual mileage someway – today after work I put $20 in, which made the needle move juuuuust up into the red empty mark – how big is this tank, anyway???!

(I also need to figure out how far below the empty mark I can push it!)

J – thank you. I haven’t actually been able to spend much time in it yet, but the time spent was wonderful,and really helped me feel better about things in general – there was a huge load of stress that was just shed.

I’ve already picked up a friend who needed a ride this morning from dropping her car off at the garage, and have offered it’s services to the performance/circus groups I work with, because we have a three day gig in L.A. coming up soon, and I *know* some people will need rides – woohoo! Even just a little bit, I CAN HELP!!!

I’ve owned 5 vans to date including this one, and, while not the grooviest (that was the ’67 Ford) it is by FAR the best, most comfortable, and without question, most useful.

Give me a little time – I’ll make this one the grooviest, as well.

I’ve always loved vans, but never had one that was either too small to comfortably sleep in (the Ford minivan, circa: move to Boston/Austin/New Orleans) or had something that I needed to be concerned about. The ’67 Ford got me from Phoenix to San Diego, but it had a gas tank leak so I could only put a small amount in at a time. Some times the gas next gas station was further. The ’68 Ford rocked, but was never really used as well as it should have been, as well as it offered. It had a sink and such, cupboards, I had fun with it – until the last whoopee where the rear wheel fell off on I-5 and I did a bit of a tumble (I heard I flipped five four times in the air, by the driver of one of the five other cars I took out) after getting broadsided by a dump truck. The last before this, Connie… ohhh, Connie. Connie was a beast unto herself, but she(or he, as that was the name of the previous owner, and he always wanted to go to cCalifornia – so I took his ashes and spread them various beautiful places, and eventually, at the tideline, with Bean, on Ocean Beach inSan Francisco…) …she was a mess. No drivers side window, but after a bunch of work, it kinda ran, was comfortable, and served it’s purpose beautifully. Connie was a trooper., but found it’s destination here. Fortunately, and with the help of very dear friends, I was able to get the human Connie’s ashes out after it was towed – as well as most of my other stuff. Almost all, space and time was scarce – but I am kicking myself for not grabbing the power inverter. Oops. Who woulda thought? Wasn’t looking for a van, then.

I don’t know the name of this one yet, but I plan to stick with her for quite a while, and she seems to want to stick around – and I believe her. One of the names I thought of befor naming Connie was Vincent – as in Van,GO!  (please? please go?) – but this one, this one does. It goes. Man, how it goes.

I haven’t jumped on it, no Wide Fuckin’ Open throttle (WFO – a term from the Harley days), but hell, I’m trying to save fuel, and I don’t need to. It is felt. This bitch is just waiting to roar.

Can you tell I’m a gearhead? This shit makes me giddy as hell – I KNOW how to do these things – but seein’ as I don’t need to do more to the motor to make her suck more fuel, I’m just going to focus on dressing her up – and yeah, she needs it. She deserves it.

Wait – that sounds weird.

Don’t get me wrong – thoug I really dig my van, (MY van!!!) and though I have a passion for mechanical things, and playing with aesthetics, yeah, I dig girlsles, too, and some (though very few)  boyses. Oodles. Why else would I want to make my van so hospitable?

Okay, many reasons. I just like playing, dancing, creating. I like new things, and this, dear, is new. New, and glorious. I’ma gonna shaddap now, but I think I just may post this reply on my blogittyblog.

Thank you.

Pictures are soon to come. Almost took one today after work at the Wharf, but it was freezing, windy, and drizzly – and I just wanted to get inside and warm up me bones and wipe off the makeup…

Which I was able to do.

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