New Orleans, we're coming!

Airline tickets bought. Show confirmed. Plans made.  Just a tiny bit over a month away.

Hell, YEAH!

Had a meeting tonight about it with the Gooferman folk, and I found out that the budget has been stretched so far as to not allow room for a hotel, so we’re going to be needin’ a place to rest our weary heads, and costumes, makeup, and gear.

There will be seven of us – Boe and Vegas of Gooferman, Neil, the young-un, who is a photographer, meself, Christine, an aerialist, and a couple of very cute belly dancer/fire eaters coming down from Atlanta to join us for the show.

Would any of you NOLA folk happen to have room for a couple of us or more? Preferably in the FQ, of course – as we’ll have a bunch of schtuff to tote around. We’ll be coming in on Monday, April 3rd – Four are leaving on Friday to go to a wedding in San Diego, two are leaving anytime they want to head back up to Atlanta, and I’m sticking around until the following Tuesday morning to make sure I get as much NOLA & Friends time in as I can.

We’re all very clean and respectful, wash almost daily, are potty trained, and I promise not to breathe fire indoors. Or stilt, for that matter, but that’s mainly because I’ve found that ceiling fans hurt.

So, yeah – anyone happen to have some extra space, or perhaps know of anyone who has some, or, (ahem) just maaaybe, an empty house in the Quarter that could use the warmth of some inhabitants for a brief time and will leave it cleaner than it was?

We unfortunately (at the time of this writing) no extra scratch, but very likely could come up with at least a bit – or something from San Francisco perhaps? Some sourdough bread? One of those stupid Alcatraz shirts? Absolutely anything with a rainbow flag on it?

Please let me know, and thanks!

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