and in other news…

I love having a working knowledge of electonics. I know the shit, yo. Logic. Virgo. Hello?
Not to mention $10,000+ in general mechanical and electrical theory, centering on Harley Davidsons. If you can fix a Harley, You can fix any american non-computerized thang. I ya ain’t schtupit.

Damn, what a spaghetti clusterfuck this wiring is on the van.Still though, it tittilates me, and I long for the day I have the time to spend on making everything work. Soon, I hope.

Funny thing – when I was visualizing the van I needed to get from New Orleans to Burning Man, the picture in my head was always of driving ont to the Playa, my windo down, arm hanging outside.

The van that came to me had no drivers side window.

This time, I was a bit more carefull – Careful – whatever – and visuallized the windo there, and up.

Well, it’s there, and it’s up – but it doesn’t work. The only window that doesn’t. It won’t go down. The guy who sold the van to me swore it did before, and I believe him. He’s an honest kind of fellow…

I need to work on my visualization technique.

Buuuut anyway, I was able to cut and splice and cut and splice, measure current crimp fasteners clip and (why does the current drop there?) and find the wires in this wirepastavomit – and get the only thing I have bought for the van besides a bajillion dolars in fuel – my beautiful power inverter which makes the 12v current into a computer powering savvy 110v. I have ‘puter!

Happy boy am I.

And wouldn’t you know it? Clotho fits perfectly into one of the overhead storage spaces, about 4 inches from the wires that wil power her.

I love my van. I really, really do.

Can you convert gasoline engines into vegetable oil? Dunno. Signing off for a bit, but looking into that before I go.


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