every drop

24th St. and San Bruno.
Searching tonight, wanting to get back on the interweb, write – it’s been spotty these days, all communication has. So it goes. Bouncing around the city until I found the place with good open WiFi and a place to park, and my thanks to the 24thstBitches, who I don’t know, but have found a good connection with as I hop onto their open WiFi connection. This is how I live my life. Not enough scratch to justify re-uping  the minutes on my phone, i listened to messages and couldn’t call. 
The Wharf is a tempermental bitch, and every day I study it, the people, and the money coming in. After twoandahalf hears of doing this, i finally succcumbed (at the suggestion of the one of two and only decent Bushman, who has become a good street friend of mine) to a handwritten sign saying that tips were appreciated for pictures, written after the first hour today, though I felt it made this static perfomance a bit cheap, though I felt that this is not what I want to do, I can’t help but say that the general population at the Wharf needed some instructing – and yes, it helped. the second hour was wonderfull, the third, quite a bit less – but that is a Sunday. Sundays are early days. after about 4 O’clock they just shuffle by, the end of their exhausting weekend of touristing. Still, I had the children, even if their parents were less desirable, and still I had the beautiful man who gushed with appreciation for what they saw, no tip but from him but I tipped my hat t him anyway, as he was sincere, sane, and  stood there, all 50+ years of him with his woman, and smiled, laughed… and coudn’t stop saying how good i was, the best he has seen.. (his opinion. Mine differs from day to day…) –   – and others who found delight…  Every day I pay attention, I study, I learn. Today was commanding the street, knowing what I do is good – it’s coming back. There is an energy that must be exchanged, an energy that needs to be ever-present. I fight for that. Command the stage. Hold my head high. The energy needs to be there…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Amazing things happening, my life is unfolding, my dreams are becomming. My dreams are becomming because of you. I can get around now, I have a van that I can sleep in. I can work easily, I can do SO much more. Because of you. You and the dreams that I fight for, the dreams that are being manifested. Simply having this glorious van has opened up so many new possibilities. Dig it:
Because of this van and it having a dead battery (super dead, needed replacement) last week Sunday, I missed a day at the Wharf. Got old battery jumped by the wonderful Bobzilla, and as it was too late to prepare and get to the Wharf, I was fortunate enough to help a good new friend, Indira, to move. Then she bought me a new battery for the van. Then, she bought me gas. Uncalled for, and I told her so – but she did anyway. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without her generosity that day. I would be screwed. The battery that came with the van was deaddeaddead, and as we pulle into the parts store, I gave the key one last twist out of curiosity – and ther was nothing. I missed a day of work, but she more than covered it – and all I needed was gas money, I thought. I would have been happy with that.

But yeah – through her I will probably now be collaborating with Omnicircus – Frank Garvey – omnicircus.com – as well as dates that are confirmed for two differeint weeknends in L.A. New orleans before that, Perfoming on ALCATRAZ, Seattle and Canada, and the possibility of Holland.

Life is a struggle, life is beautiful – and I’m tired, been working like hell and my body is soresore, so I stretch out in the bed in my van – and if I go from corner to corner, I can stretch out…. So much more to say, but….

but not now.

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