I am a product of my mother, who I have never known, never met. Never hugged and thanked her for this beautiful life I have found, manifested. Become me, find me. Finally found.
I am a product of my father, the same. I have no past, no proof of my existence, no ancestors and nowhere to look to find out why I am who I am.

I am one. One, alone.

I am only me. I began alone, and I continue that way.
Myself and my dreams, my dreams, my dreams. Much more of me than anything, my dreams.

Look into my eyes and try to see the perpetual pain. Pain is not uncommon, but this one is unique. Only adoptees understand it , as it is something that is accepted. Accepted by all that haven’t been there, who never will be. According to you, we are “the chosen ones”. This is what I grew up with and accepted. Accepted for most of my life…

Fuck you.

Who am I?

I am only words, only offering delight. I am nothing, I don’t exist, I am me.
I am me and I fucking rock.
I have built this life, piece by piece, I have built this life of mine and the sacrifices have been immesurable, but it is my life. I do what I want.  I do what I need to. Tomorrow might not happen. Today must be more beautiful than any other.

I select my friends wisely. I see them with my heart, look at them through my soul. I judge, and I admit it. I haven’t the time for games. I don’t play. See me, feel me. Touch me and wrap your arms around me. I need that – we all do.

Who am I?

I am you.

I am my friends, a mirror.
Look into me and you will find the purest love. trhis is what I find in you.
Look into me and you will find happiness, this is what I find in you.
Look into me and see yourself,

as you are what I am.

I am love and beauty. I am pain and sorrow, and the ways to escape them. I am destruction, I am creation, and everything in betwen.
I am you.

I am you, and thoug it’s been said many times, I will keep on saying that…

I love you, and I wouldn’t exist without you.

I love all of you.

You are the reason that I am stil alive, still here. You gotta take my word on this one…

My friends. My family.


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