I put this down because I need to. I have no beauty in words these days.This is only therapy, a must, a need.

New Orleans. I look out the window of the incredible flat I sleep in alone, and watch the tops of huge cargo ships go by just a couple blocks away. It reminds me of Burning Man and seeing the bizzare art cars from my tent. I am at Decatur and Barracks, directly next door to Cafe Envie, where I used to write everything and drink coffee. Where I became used to the view, the people. Apparently, according to the Universe, I son’t need that now. I am almost directly above it. 4th floor counting ground, but I have the third as well should I need it. I don’t.

 Two days left and my stomach growls. Coming here with close to nothing, the money has gone. Such is life, so be it. I have survived under much more dire circomstances – but onfortunately, the $15 book has been read.

My stomach growls, my mind fades – thounh I have had an exquisite time here.  two days left. There are sacrifices to be made, and I would happily give you my life for my soul.

I hung with old friends, I have walked aimlessly and taken this city in. The pain is still there, but it is growing, coming back – because of them and their insanely strong hearts. Still, our   CUNTry ignores us. Old news. New Orleans does not exist anymore, no funding for the miles and miles of destruction. Strange that a government focuses on killing people instead of offering the money spent to a city that brings it life.

I will not touch politicsin conversation. My battle cry is “FUCK YOU!” I would happily kill you if I thought that would make a difference. Any consequences would be more than worth it – but you wouldn’t find me alive…

I digress.

I have met amazing people again, and have been able to spend time with tsome of the ones I already hold dear. I am in New Orleans, and I fucking love this city.

Time  to go away. I must confess that I love you, but right now, I need to sleep

and dream.

Hold on tight. Hold on tight to me, and I will do the same.

I miss you, me.

There was a time when we were everything. We still are – but sometimes, I forget.

done for now


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