Parked at the Wharf, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the beautiful solitude of Falkor before I throw on the garb and get to work. I enjoy watching people walk by, completely oblivious to me nestled inside my sanctuary. Just another van parked by the side of the road…

Driving by just a bit ago, the Wharf looked oddly quiet. Windy, a bit cold – but hell, at least I’ll make *some* money if I get out – and just simply the act of getting out there will be good for me.
Life has been busy lately, and statuing can frequently be a strange and beautiful meditation if I get into the right mind, where nothing else exists but the passer-by and myself for a few hours. For a moment I’m able to forget what I need to do, what I want to do, the frustration that this life often brings…

I need that.

Time to get ready.


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