The motor is running…

sucking up the last drops of fuel. I write when I can, and dug up $15 in change to get me to the next gas station, hopeing that Folkor won’t run dry before then. The motor runs because my ‘puters battery lasts about a cigarette. I love my lappytop, and each time i use it it reminds me of Kevin – I miss that fucker…

Words. What will I say now? Gods, so much. So little.

I need to eat. I love my van, but the absence of a fridge sucks. I eat bready things. some strange (where the fuck did I put them?) rolls that I got at Trader Joes and – and yeah, the absence of money sucks even more.  All hail the fire show, but that is almost a week in coming and creating.

Who am I? Lets start here, a good question.
I am your lust, your nightmare. I am the man that you try to change, but sticks true to his dreams. I frustrate you.
 I am the common beggar, I am the forsaken artist. I am hungry, I am me. I am a being with no beginning,  so there is only forward. I am the perfect lover of some, and in this I am not so humble – tell me what you want, I will be everything for you. I teach myself, I am taught by you. An apparition, an illusion, I have been called both. A Dragon, a muse, a fairy, jester and klown – that is who I am. I am everything, I am what you make me. I am hunger, I am desire, I am so. fucking. hungry for life. Saturated with light, encompassed by darkness. I am a dichotomy. I am a drunk, I find my words in a bottle, I am human, and so incredibly not. I don’t know what I am, who I am. I am not human, but I live by my heart.
I am a Warrior. I am me. I am a Warrior of the Light. All that I ever have been, and I constantly learn. I am yours, there are only the limitations of love for those who want it – those who shall only ramain friends. I am a warrior, an exquisite vagabond. As much as I desire a home I have none. I make my way.

What a silly fucking question. There is no answer.

I am me. I am everything, nothing.

I am you, yours.

Baby, I’ve been waiting.. This is the new world, the new me. I have been waiting for all of you.

You’re here now, whether yo like it or not.

Join me in this delicious apocalypse. We’ve got shit to do.


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