PARTY IN FALKOR, NOW! (and other schtuff…)



Spent the past few hours finishing up the first editing stage of what I hope might become something worth making into a book. Just getting rid of links, all of the pictures and everything else that came with replies, trying to make it readable, printable. The next step is to read through the entire thing and clean it up, taking out as little as possible but still making it readable…




It is a strange life I lead, and who knows – the stories of it just might entertain someone.

The things I have written just may inspire.

Inspire something, but I don’t know what…


I need to get this done though, and see where it leads.


There are names I kept in there, people who have replied to things I’ve posted and what they wrote (always beautiful), people I wrote about, had exchanges with. If anyone does not want their name or LJ handle come through in the final edit, please let me know. I’ll go through it and replace it with a fake name, or something like that. Please reply here and let me know if you are okay with it or not, Anyone who does not respond I will contact directly, but this will really help. Thanks.


I’ve got a feeling that this might turn into something. Maybe even something big. I think I’ve, at times, written some pretty good stuff, and the rawness seems to appeal to people. We’ll see if the general public has the same feeling…


Please let me know if I can use your name. I will be happy to send you the final edit if you wish, just so you can me certain – but you can also read the whole damn thing from the beginning, if you wish – though many replies have not gotten to the page, mostly out of laziness when I was copying/pasting, partly because they were incredibly sweet, but didn’t say much…


(This is only for LJ people, I didn’t copy any responses off of Tribe.)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


In heaven right now, listening to TheVirgin Prunes. For months I’ve been musically handicapped, with about 35 gigs of music on the external hard drive that Kevin gave me. It worked fine for a while, let me transfer all the music I had on Clotho, my laptop, onto it and clearing up tons of space. For a while I was able to just plug in the external and get everything, but for some reason these days they don’t get along. I have tons of music that I can’t get to, and it’s been getting more and more ungood. Only a little on Clotho these days, and it was getting to me, listening to the same things over and over – that is, until last night.

Went to Keri’s house for the first time, and – dear gods – the music she has. Taking me back to my childhood, a taste as twisted as mine. I walked in, Clotho, as always, on my back, and looked at her racks and racks of CD’s.  


Ohhell. Yeah, this rocks. I scanned her collection – she has everything, and so much that you just simply can’t find on the interweb, so much that, in a way, helped the dark places inside of me make sense when I was so much younger. I asked her if I could rip a few onto my computer, and she kindly said yes – I started pulling them. trying to be selective – music isn’t so easy to listen to these days, it’s either burned onto a CD which I can play on the little player that I have, and spend the batteries that should be used strictly for performances at the Wharf, or off of my ‘puter, which necessitates running my motor and using precious fuel to power. The battery is growing weaker, lasting less than a cigarette these days before the low power alarm goes off…


Fuck it. Thanks to Keri, I have a bunch of new music – she was wonderful, and really got into introducing me to things I haven’t heard, as well as being such a lovely host and letting me rip things from my past. I’m now listening to Coil.

Fuck it. Trusting in the way the Great Ooh Aah, Spirit, The Universe – whatever you want to call what we are all connected to works for me, I went to the gas station, and with my needle below the white line which is below the RED line, on faith I put some fuel in my tank.

Through experience, I know that almost all gas stations only make sure your card is good, and authorize it for $1, with the full charge of the fuel that you bought only appearing days later. (This is how I was able to get to Alameda on Saturday for a friends benefit at, and they were kind enough to give me enough money to get it back in the bank before I got the overdraft fee.)

I try to keep at least three bucks in there for an emergency fuel fund, trying to only use it, if necessary, on weekends – which gives me a few days to get it back into the account before the full charge goes through. Well, my gas was almost gone anyway, I have $6 in my pocket after buying fuel for fire shows and some other simple things to help ne eat and exist… I’m not too hip on being stranded, and loathe dancing the fine line between battery power and fuel – so I put the usual $50 in. Better make that back on Thursday…

I will.


Meanwhile, I am loving listening to the music that I ripped from Keri. (And, by the way – why the hell does almost everyone I really dig hanging out with live in  the friggin’ East Bay? I can’t afford that right now, but I try to make it work…)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I’m almost out of wine, on 24th & San Bruno in the city. Therefore I call – Party in my van! BYO, and a bit for me, if you will. I HAVE MUSIC! Really, I’m serious. I just may be up for a while – had a really good nap then exquisite meditation earlier (hard to come by these days) and I really wouldn’t mind some company. Call or write, or just come by.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


And by the way, I submitted my entry to this contest yesterday, and am going to win. That’s waht I say. You may have heard of these people.:


I can’t describe the struggle it was to keep what I wanted to say to 250 words. In comparison, this is, at this exact time, 1,123 words – and I’ve said so little.


PARTY IN FOLKOR! NOW! 24th and San Bruno, come on by. Knock – it’s not a big place, bit it’s incredibly comfortable. And I have music, and the night is still young.

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