New boot and captured beauty…

I’ll bet that I’m one of the very, very few. One of the truly special ones. I mean, really – how many people wake up to find their home booted?
“WARNING. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HOME.” in big red letters under the windshield wiper. (Okay – it actually says “your vehicle”, but same thing these days. Home, Vehicle, Backstage, Freedom – they jjust must not have had enough room on the card to put all of those things – or perhaps just didn’t know.)

I’ve been good at this lately. I need to be. Check the signs, set the alarm on my phone, wake up at some ungodly hour to wait for the ticket mosquitoes swarming before the street sweeper. Move, then if the mood strikes, go back to sleep. It’s been working, as I knew I have a small handfull of parking tickets and being booted was the LAST thing I wanted to have happen.

Alas, the phone battery went kaputt, I din’t wake up at 6am, and at 9 woke to find the note on my home. “DO NOT MOVE.” No shit. How the hell would I? There’s a big steel thing on my wheel, ya goofballs. One of the things that go roundandround just simply ain’t good for that anymore. Need to remedy this somehow. No money and a busy performance weekend coming up…

Which is why I’m having, of all things – a PHOTO SALE!!! Yes, that’s right me friends – with the help of Nightshade ( ) who has a kickass photo printer, I am offering, in a one time deal with an extremely limited edition of no more than 13 prints of any photo, a few of the shots I’ve taken over the years, signed and numbered. Some I really like, some are okay – I’ll leave it up to your tastes to decide which ones you prefer. If you like any of them, please be kind enough to purchase one and help me get my home out of the bootie.

Here they are:

Donations start at $10 per print, and go as high as you feel is appropriate – remember, one day, after my book is published and/or I’m famous or dead, these may actually be worth something! If nothing more, at the very least you’ll have a little piece of me, and something I saw which I thought was, in some way, beautiful – and captured at that very moment to remember.

All prints are 8.5×11 – or perhaps even larger, as Nightshade has a printer that can do those things. If you want a larger one, let me know – those will be a bit more of a donation, though, as I need to reimburse Nightshade for paper, time, and ink. They will all be printed on high quality photo paper with the utmost care and love, individually as ordered. Yeah – that means that id YOU want one, it will be printed especially for you, and I’ll be there charging it with love and gratitude. Sounds kind of crunchyhippy, but it ain’t – it’s just magick.

If you want one of these super-duperly rare and personalized prints, please please please – get one! All donations go to a really good cause, which is getting my not-so-mobile home mobile again, and helping me get to where I need to be to make money and eat.

Cash, money order, check, and paypal accepted. Paypal goes to

If you are somewhere else, please throw in a couple more bucks for priority shipping.

Thank you, and please, if you want a photo, let me know – I have 72 hours before my home is towed, at which point I won’t be able to get it out…

Fuggin hell. Ain’t life fun with all of it’s challenges?


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