I’ve dug up, manipulated, and posted a few more photos for sale/donation.

These are all photos that I’ve taken over the years, and everything is done by me. I’ll even be there when they are printed by Nightshade, charging them with love and appreciation.

If you find something worthy of your particular taste, please purchase one I’m in a pretty tight financial bind, thanks to this beautiful city.

You now have the eye that I see so much beauty through, and other things that it has see. Any shot I take is special to me – and now they are for your taking. I will only print 13 of each shot, and they will come to you signed and numbered.

Please – if you like one or a few, let me know, gove what you can afford, and help me out.

Here they are…

Donations start at $10 per photo, super-duper cheap. That pays for the printing, and a little bit more. If you can offer more, please do.

Thank you.


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