This ain't rock and roll, this is…

sing it with me. We are the Daimond Dogs – we are the dead. Thrive.

Booted, but the motor still runs. This is my life, and I love it. I loathe it. Nicotine butts litter the ashtray, reminding me that I am, perhaps, human. I have my needs, and in times like these, I suck the life out of life, and suck the life out of me. It is my way. My way. I suck it down, consume, taste every little drop. This is my life.

Hammering – doing something that matters, doing something physical. beating on copper, helping to create the egg. I am now, incredibly unoficiallly, and entirely thanks to Indira (the one wo does magick with photo-manipulation-) I am now, a Flaming Lotus Girl.

Yeah, me. Somethig to do with my hands. My hands need to work. This work is agonizing and slow, but fuck – I’m working on the egg of the Serpent Mother, and I couldn’t be more honored. Taptaptapbangbang, and the muscles II once had are remembered by my body. I know this. I know metal in ways, I spent eight years as a Harley tech – but I knew that I needed art.

SOmetimes nothing makes sense. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier to go away – but then magick happens and i am immersed in such exquisite beauty. I fight the eyes of the blind.

What are these words? Something that I need to to. I need to release, need to tell you about her but I’m not like that, I don’t talk only adore.  Her, yes.

Holly came up to me last night. Holly said that there were a small number of women that were asking what my deal was, if I were single. If I were more centered at the time, I would have told her – yeah, single, alone. I would have told her that there is so much more to me than anyone would ever want. Yeah, I am attractive, and I attract. It’s the way it goes. Don’t get me wrong – I have immense amounts of love, but there are so many things you don’t know, and knowing ain’t easy.
I told her that there is one that I am finding myself endeared with, one. This ain’t rock and roll. this is…

This is.

 I am not falling in love. I don’t fall.

Know what’s funny? I rip my heart open and write it, but only a select few know what is really going on inside of me. This is just fluff. Real, my heart , and all that I can give you – but this is only words, this is all I can give. What I give to you is all of me, I have no qualms with that.

I’ve done what I could, and I will do more. I am kSea flux, and There is something, somewhere, that is right about me.


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