They're going to try to to MY HOME! I need tools, ASAP!

Yup, that’s the news I got today, thanks to Keri calling because my phone was dead. The cost of the tickets was absurd, which leads me to believe that there were already a number on it. According to what I read, once you get the tickets, then there is a 60 day grace period – only at which time your licence gets entered into the data base, and you’re booted…

I’ve been trying to drill out the main pin this evening, but am making very, very little headway – and I NEED YOUR HELP!

I NEED TOOLS! – specifically a cut-off wheel, and I have a power inverter, to 110 is no problem. Thanks to Zak, I also now have a gallon of gas in my van so it can run. Hell, even a cutting torch if you have one handy. Anything serious.

PLEASE HELP! This is not only how I get around to work, it is my HOME, and tomorrow at 3pm it is due to be towed, at which point I will not be able to get it back – haven’t had the cash to register it in my name yet. I know, my screw up – but if my van and home gets towed, I really won’t know what to do. I’m fucking terrified. On top of all that, my staph infection is acting up and I’m kinda feverish. I’ll hit the hospital after I get this remedied – but this is absoltely first.

Tonight is best, if you can get to me – I’m on 24th Street and San Bruno, in the Mission, two blocks east of Portrero. We’ll just cut it off and go, and I’ll figure things out from there – and start paying off the tickets, of course.

Please, please help if you can – won’t take but a few minutes.

Oh, and I was able to get a little time on my phone, so call if you want – 504.261.1099.



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