It’s been a while. Feeling a bit lost, frustrated – yet with it I stlll carried a bit of blind arrogance – I forgot the ebb and flow of the Universe, the wax and wane. Sometimes, there needs to be rest.
My van booted, my leg temporarily crippled – everything was screaming at me in the most obvious ways to just sit, be, let what will happen happen.
I didn’t hear. Everything was fight to get back to work, make money, survive and grow. Everything was reach further and fuck the pain…

Then, a good friend – Indira, reminded me of my Runes in a purely accidental way – a photo she was manipulationg the photo of my eye when her brush made a mark – a mark that looked like a rune. The rune was Algiz, and she wrote me about it.

Algiz –
Sedge or Rushes
The Elk.

Control of the emotions is at issue here. During times of transition, shifts in life course and accelerated self-change, it is important not to collapse yourself into your emotions, the highs as well as the lows. New opportunities and challenges are typical of this rune, and with them may come trespasses and anwanted influences.
Algiz serves a s a mirror for the Spiritual Warrior, the one whose battle is always with the self, The warriors protection is like the curved horns of the elk, or the warning rustle of the sedge grass, for both serve to keep open space around you.
Remain mindful that timely right action and correct conduct are your only true protection. If you find yourself feeling pain, observe the pain, stay with it. Do nottry to pull down the veil and escape from life by denying what is happening. You will progress. Knowing that is your protection.

And the run I drew earlier tonight, asking what issue I should be aware of, focus on, was


The winter of the spiritual life is upon you. You may find yourself in a situation to whose implications you are, in effect, blind. You may feel powerless to do anything except submit, surrender, even sacrifice some long cherished desore. Be patient, for this is the period of gestation that precedes a rebirth.
Positive accomplishment is unlikely now. There is a freeze on useful activity, all your plans are on hold. You may be experiencing an unaccustomed drain on you energy and wonder why. A chill wind is reaching you over the ice flies of old outmoded habits.
Trying to hold on can result in shallowness of feeling, a sense of being out of touch with life. Seek to discover what it is you are holding onto that perpetuates this condition and let it go. Shed, release, cleanse away the old; doing so will bring on the thaw.Usually Isa requires a sacrifice of the personal, the “I”. At such a time, you cannot hope to rely on help or friendly support. And yet there is no reason or anxiety. Submit and be still, for what you are experiencing is not necessarily the result of your actions or habits, but rather arises from conditions anout which you can do nothing. What has bee full must empty, what has increased must decrease. This is the way of Heaven and Earth. To surrender is to display courage and wisdom.
And yet there is another face o standstill. Just as winter is a time for going within, drawing Isa  can announce a time of restoration and renewal on the deepest level. In your solitude, exercise caution and do not stubbornly persist in attempting to work your will. Remain mindful that the seed of the new  is present in the shell of the old, the seed of unrealized potential, the seed of the good.

Trust your own process, and watch for signs of spring…


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