I think that this just might be the name. At first, when Boe said it – honestly, I really didn’t like it at all. It just felt – well…boring.

At least at first. More names came, great suggestions from people, and all were considered. I took the most viable and made a list, and someshat reluctantly added Big Top too it –

Sideshow is a hit and I love it for its sharp edge – the same with Cirkus – but those don’t portray what I want this to be, become. It will encompass everything involved, and the umbrella of BigTop offers that. Everything is involved, come on in!
Gods, that name took some growing into though.

When Boe first mentioned it I envisioned the mag being on the top shelf, unreachable – right next to ‘Juggs’ or something like that. I’m still a bit concerned about placement when we go to print…

Speaking of which, I have decided due to very good suggestions and the horrible reality of how much it would cost to produce even the smallest number of ‘hard copy’ rags, that beginning this endeavor online is the way to go. No paper until it supports itself – but that will hopefully come in around a year or less. Much less. I want to feel it.

I can’t expess how much I adore trying to create something that is so far out of what I know how to do, and doing it. I will not be deterred, and by the end of September there will be a beautiful website for you all to go to, with everything that can fit under the Big Top – all of what I said before, plus – and this is brilliant – Boe said to offer tips and tricks for rigging, creating sets – etc.

Hells yeah.

Okay – it is far past time to shut my eyes, rest – and wake to another beautiful day. I am tired…


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