He parked just to the let of me as I was statuing on the wharf today, only a song or two before I packed up.

I could see his reflection in the window across the sidewalk – him getting out of his car, putting some chang in the meter – then as he walked by, throwing some change in my box. As I moved and began to tip my hat to him, I looked – and saw on top of the bills a couple pennies. I looked at him and shook my head in discust, but he didn’t see it…

Then, as I was packing up a few minutes later, he came back, put more change in the meter – then walked by again, throwing another penny in. I wanted to say something – but really couldn’t think of anything besides “You cheap fucking asshole!!!!!!!….) So, I kept quiet – and then though of a plan…

I gathered almost all of the pennies out of my box – roughly 30 of them, then wrote a note. “If all you can afford to give me is your pennies, then you MUST need them more than I do.
You’re welcome.
~ The Street Performer

On a final thought, I also included my beautiful, full color, double sided businesss card, folded that in the note, then placed it on the hood of his SUV – held down on all four corners with small stacks of pennies.

I can’t express to  you how incredibly satisfying that was. I hope he emails me.


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