Interviewing people is not one of my strong points, as well as I know so far. Putting this rag together is pretty consuming, but I’m having a blast getting wrapped up in it, making sure that it happens and dreaming of where it can go, what it can change.

I think, as soon as I find other people who are much more talented on writing articles and interviewing people that I will be, for the most part, in the background – but not for this one. Not the Dresden Dolls. It’s far too intimate to hand off.

I need help though. Consider all of yourselves editors. Take a look at what I have written, give me your opinions on it – if I should change anything — and please suggest questions to ask them. Interesting, original, odd, in-depth, anything, I’ll choose the ones I think fit the best.


~ kSea

Amanda Palmer article/interview

There were about seven of us, all packed in to a tiny room attached to Café du Nord in San Francisco, putting on makeup, costumes, making sure we had what we needed for our particular offering to the show…
A good friend, Whitney, had earlier put a call out for “performers and freaks” to come and be part of an “interactive kind of rock show”. “Hells”, I says to meself, “why not? Sounds like fun.”

It was August 4th, 2004, and we were all getting ready to do whatever we were going to do for some band that I had only recently gotten turned on to called “The Dresden Dolls”. I had heard a bit of their music, liked it, and was pretty excited to actually be a part of the show. I especially liked what they were attempting to do, bringing in outside performers to interact with the people on the floor, giving it a circus/cabaret feel, that everyone could be a part of. Pretty damn unique. Brilliant. This was something new. This could change things…

It was that evening that I met Amanda Palmer, who, with Brian Viglione, put on one of the most incredible shows I had seen in a long, long time. Just two people in a tiny little club, Amanda singing and varying between caressing and beating the hell out of her electric piano, while Brian’s drumming exquisitely completed the sonic orgasm that I experienced that night. Those two people created something that I will never forget, and I instantly fell head over heels in love with. I was absolutely astounded, infatuated – and that evening , thanks to Whitney, Amanda & Brian – the direction of my life changed. I remembered my dreams.

It was just a very brief meeting of both of them, but I will never fail to remember how kind and sincere they were – and always have been since.

Over the years I have come to know them both a good deal better, and have even had the lovely pleasure of working with them for a number of months in the past – and through that I got to become good friends with some incredibly beautiful, talented and driven people – Amanda Palmer & Brian Viglione.

Admittedly, interviewing people is definitely not one of my strong points. This is my first, and possibly my last, but seeing as I feel that, in a way, that show, that night, helped to wake me up – well, I feel that this magazine would not exist without all the crazy turns my life as taken as a direct or indirect result of them, and the way that evening was the beginning of quite an insane adventure. Here we go…

(Interview goes here)

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