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That, dear ______ , has nothing to do with me – only what I represent. Behind this flesh facade you will find a soul that has an insatiable hunger, but knows stillness and it’s value. You will find a being that wants so desperately to change the world, but knows I need to start with myself, and only by example, have others join.

I will never lead – I will only walk with, side by side.

All I am to you is possibility. I am everything that you know you can be, but might not want to accept the responsibility for. It is a profound responsibility, this “following your dreams” stuff. Once you start, it is impossible to do anything but stay with this rare and exquisite dance.

Through the hunger you are fed in beauty.
Through the loneliness you are wrapped in love.
Through agony and frustration, comes immesurable joy.

It would take pages for me to tell you how lonely it is, how much it hurts, how many times I want to give everything up. Everything, me, done and gone. It would take pages and words of a language that I don’t know to express the frustration…

…but I could fill up volumes tales of the rewards. If I had the language and patience I could go on and on and on about the beauty that has come into my life by just uttering the simple words that I said that day, so long ago: “Fuck it. It can’t get shittier than this, so may as well follow something…”

Or something like that. I may be imbellishing a bit – but really, it didn’t seem like it could get shittier at the time.

Follow your fucking dreams. It’s as simple as that. Chase them down and make them real. I mean fuck – I’m knocking on the door of 40 years young (I was 20 years old once, but I’ve regressed) and I’ve learned a few things here and there, and I can tell you the one and only thing I am absolutely fucking certain of:

There is nothing more important than remembering your dreams, and chasing them down – at any and all cost.

It’s NOT easy. It is not comfortable, it is, unfortunately, not a natural feeling, not at all – but it is fucking worth it. It is nothing that most people would ever choose, and I completely understand that. This is something I was forced into, something that my heart wouldn’t let me escape. The world is changing however, and we are the fodder. Our dreams are the axis, and the new world needs to find a place to pivot.

It is us. Art. Beauty. Love.

Nothing less but all of what we have to offer. It is not a time to hold back.

I am only an ideal. I am only a representation of who I want to be. I dance. I am all that I can be, and that grows every day.

I am, to you, only what you see in me.

Look in the mirror. Now.

Look deeper, ya goof…

Really, not that different – are we?

Dreams, Passion, Hunger, Change.

We make the shit happen.

We need to.


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