Doing my best to turn the fight into a dance, and dancing as hard as I can. That’s all we really can do – and we all know how to dance, whether you know it or not. Time to know. Play the game, believe, dream, create.

Learn. Share. Realize how much you have to offer, and know that while it may not be easy, it is worth every drop of life, every tear that falls down your cheek. It means something, and one single tear, infused with passion and need can change worlds.

This is the email I recieved today, from someone who I don’t know – but seems to be someone I should. She was reccomended to me by a lovely person who I haven’t met physically yet, but has read what I needed to write, believed in it, and after a couple weekis of no answer, she wrote me and asked me to forward her what I had. I did. The next day, this is the email I recieved:

Dear Pam & KSea,

This effort is amazing. I started the first book and realized it needed serious time to digest.

I’m producing a concert series currently that is relying on 100% of my attention.

Could you both send me a reminder to review this on August 12th?

I would like to give it my full attention for review.

Much Love,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Could this really happen? I don’t know, I don’t want to believe – but I do, and I will manifest it.


My definition of a dream was once something that could never happen – which is why it was only a dream.

I’ve learned a lot since those times. I know better. A dream is only something that seems just a bit unreachable – but that is not so. A dream, combined with an immense passion and a bit of desperation, is something that can, without question, become reality.


Pfffffffffft. I love my life, the challenges…

Except for a few things.


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