On my way to the Crucible & the Fire Arts Festival now to help the Flaming Lotus Girls with the Serpent Mother whose egg I was blessed to do a bit of work on, thanks to Indira introducing me to them…

Then, in a few days, (after the FAF) heading up to Napa for some much needed (for me) physical labor on what has been described to me as a “palacial estate”, helping with irrigation stuff – and whatever is needed of me.

Life is beautiful.

Hoping to be the one the FLG select as the breather to ignite the Serpent Mother.

Magazine is coming along, story for Cirque has been accepted, and book will soon bu under careful review for publishing.

I’m still broke as hell, but I don’t really give a fuck.

Wish I had more time to get all pretty on ya with the words and all, but – well, that will come. Now is the time to bask in the helpingness of the beautiferous.

Feeling stupid happy right now, I am. Gotta go.


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