…if you're close enough…

If you’re close enough, they wont notice.

in the brilliance my eyes squint, protecting themselves, what they do and
at the same time everything inside of me
everything else opens and I stretch
stretch out my arms because it is all I have to welcome
invite, become, be cleansed.

this is life.

and everything inside of me wants to immerse myself in the passion of the flames
become, and finally go away.

If I can get close enough,
perhaps the tears might evaporate quick enough in the heat of the fire, and
no one will notice how they stream down my face,
marking the dirt of far too many lives.

If I can get close enough, then
for the briefest seconds something might make sense
and I would be cleansed, give all of this exquisite life away

to someone elses memory, and the words that I have written.

I have been broken, but can’t be destroyed, but still, I try –

amd these words are nothing, rest your eyes,
follow the fire
and perhaps, someday

we will meet, and we will be
and you will be to me
and me to you
sometihng different.


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