Well, that was a beautiful…day.

Had to hitch a ride there with a friend who needed to return last night, so I could get paid, so I could get some gas in my van, so I could make it up there and back when I needed to, instead of depending on rides that may not exist…

Called this morning after waiting for their call, they said I wish I was there now, that they thought I would be for a few days. “I can come back right now, be there in a little over an hour!”
“Let me check with Brian, have him give you a call back…”

In Berkeley, not really any reason to spend the money crossing the bridge to sit in the van there, or at a different cafe’.


Well, it was an incredibly beautiful day. Exercise, fresh air, silence, amazing food…

Hoping to have another day – or group of them, like it soon.

That’s kinda what I was told was going to happen.



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