It is not these dreams that I chose to live –
I did my best to forget them
and I did my best to dull the pain
and I did my best to play the game, but

and I did my best to go away, but
the dreams chose me.

Give up everything to chase them down
and fight like hell
to create my own impossible,
over and over
and prove it wrong.

I did not choose these dreams
I did not choose this frustration
or lonely…

but this is me
and through it all
there is nothing else
I could ever hold my head up to the world
and be proud of.

This is me.

always fighting for the better tomorrow
by fighting like hell today
to create the worlds
that just might be seen, and just might inspire,
just might make someone smile…

and just might remind someone
of the fire they had in their heart
as a child.

These are not the dreams I chose to live
they chose me –
but I know, without question
that I would not still be here
nor would I have this strength

without them.


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