the dance

keep fighting, make it into a dance
try to remember it is all a game.

The true warrior, I believe, knows that if it is called a fight, it becomes a struggle.
I am so incredibly weary of fighting. I haven’t felt the dance in quite a while – but it is time to come back to it.
Find humor in adversity, replace the dead eye automatic smile with sincerety, and live my life as it should be lived.

Love my life as it should be loved.h

Drowned in dreams, I am the Sea. Dive deeper…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A good day. Worked on Boe’s van, helped Holly re-potting her office plants. Lifted, hammered, used my knowledge and got dirty, used my hands in the way that they know. It *is* possible to carress steel and make it as supple as flesh. This is what I know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A great evening. Company dime sushi thanks to Holly, seeing an old freind from years back. The story he has told me in how he got across the Berlin Wall, just to do his art… That I will never forget, though it was years ago. It was good to see him again.

I’m done. Well – for now…

Best to leave the words where they lay, whether it is anything worthwhile to read or not…


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