It’s been a crazy few days.

Unbuilding things that weren’t made to be unbuilt, and seemingly made of the heaviest materials possible – but we just had to have them for the Red Nose District
( ) – loading trhe pieces onto the rental truck, then to get a huge dome, then to get Scott’s Peep Show Mini-Golf schtuff.
The next day meeting up with a crew at the RND’s 55′ semi (the largest legal in the US, apparently) , unloading the stuff that L.A. packed in there, re-packing it in not so much of a throw-it-in kind of way, then unloading three other trucks into the big one. Packed top to bottom, to the end.
Working on our bus – got the radio & generator working, loaded some of our personal gear in there, and soon a trip to drop off more. We pushed the departure time up another day – but it’s worth it. Not leaving tonight – that would have been insanity trying to get everything done – and hell, we’re still getting to the Playa five days early.


I think I’m getting excited, when I can find time to be.

See you on the Playa, if you’re going.

Come find me – I’m setting up my tent right by our Big Black Bus, right behind the big top – not in the general RND camping area.




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