I think I have the floor plans coming together for my cirkus wagon.

Gods, I’ve been absent from life – so much to do. I’ll get to it – retrieve what i need from all over the bay and move forward.

The van is long gone, and now I have this:

the only pictures available because my computer is deaded. No one knows what it is, what make or year. There is no VIN, it has no origin.

 Perhaps we were destined for each other?

All I have found so far is that it requires antique tires – or tires for an RV, which run at over $300 each. Fuckity fuck. The last time it was registered was in ’82. It was given to me because that’s the way things happen. Gifts with thorns. $600 for towing and, I found, tires that are next to impossible to find. Still, it will be my home and I will make it beautiful. I wish I could share better pictures of it.

It has a shower which I’ve decided to keep, but the rest is going to get gutted and turned into a rich Carnivale style wagon – though the space is limited.  Finally last night I decided what to do with it. You’ll see. It will be beautiful, and all will be welcome. It will have a warmth, a richness that all of the rooms that have been mine have had, and then some. It will be a dream room, full of delicious fabrics and  comfort, a tea room, an opium den. A rolling sanctuary to peace and the dark.

But fuck, I need tires and I need to get it running. Can do, motherfucker, can do. I need to find cheap tires and the rest is cake. I mean fuck – I’m a motorhead. I can get this beautiful (really odd) bitch running, but it needs to have something to roll on – the two fronts are gone, rotted, and the rears are only gossamer dreams pretending to be useful. Anyone have a line on cheap antique tires?

I want to start a website for it as well. This is the most unique vehicle I have ever seen, much less owned, and I think that a site desrcibing it’s re-becoming might allure people, entice them to aid me in it’s new life – because this is my home, baby – and the plans are laid out.

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