wandering elsewhere…

Scratchings posted other places due to lack of a computer.

I miss Clotho, and gods, i miss my music – the music that, along with the beautiful Tea, helped keep me warm on the freezing Austin nights where the top of my tent was sheeted in ice…

but that is the past.
In memory, nothing is ever gone…

Oct 11th 2007
In Very Brief…

Things have been bouncing around, but seem to be bouncing higher.

My computer got deaded last week, went kaput – but hopefully that’s only temporary. Since then, I’ve been surviving and trying to make the magicshit happen on friends computers, bouncing around the city and now at Bobzilla’s in Berkeley,

which means at long last Boe has his home back. I’m happy about that, and more grateful than I could ever express in a post titled “in very brief” for his incredible hospitality and tolerance…

And so now I’m at the great Bobzilla’s, who just moved into the entire house, not a tiny little space, and the place is exquisite. Huge. Beautiful. His dog, Shomer, and I keep each other company while I try to catch up with everything. This kicks ass.

As a result of the demise of Clotho (my lappytop) where the soundtrack I had put together for my piece was stored, and partially because of the hole in my leg, I had to completely change the show I’m doing for Shadow Circus Vaudeville tomorrow night (AT FAT CITY – be there!!!) and up until yesterday, two days before the show, was terrified. Had no idea what I was going to do, but promised a performance.
Anastasia saved the night. Contacted her yesterday, asking if she would be willing to do a vignette we put together for The Edwardian Ball, but never got to do, and she said yes – she even still has the props and the music we made. Hells yeah. Oh, hells fucking yeah. Show is saved. Commitment kept.

Hospital again yesterday, and leg actually looks better. Much better than it has felt for the past few days. Still a huge hole, but they said “it looks like hamburger.” Apparently, this is a good thing. They fixed me up, re-packed the hole in my leg, wrapped it again and gave me a new script for painkillers. I had run out of my previous script a couple days before, so a friend gave me some super-extra strength ones. Took the pain away and also any intelligent thought – but I did have fun on them, stepping out of Anna’s car in the rain to clean the windshields and such, but they just weren’t too good for productivity. The pain is small for now, and I’m leaving the painkillers alone – for now. Hospital again Saturday. Sure as hell going to take ’em before I go there.

Got a call from Billy yesterday – we’re shooting for Sunday to get the bread truck. I decided last night to park it in Berkeley in front of Bob’s house for a bit, where power is available if needed, there are shade trees, and the ground I’m going to be crawling around on while I fix is isn’t saturated with the smell of piss. It will make it to Portrero in time.

Things are bouncing higher. Even got a call from someone who works for my agent in New Orleans asking if I could do a gig. He didn’t realize that I’d moved away – he’s a new guy. Still, it was cool.

Things are bouncing higher. I’m interested/excited to see what the inside of the bread truck looks like…

But now I need to get back to work.

Got the bread truck!

Sunday, October 14th, 2007 It sits just outside, waiting for me to figure out what to do with it – how to optimize space, and all that.

It’s pretty damn cool, though much more work than I thought I was getting into. Still, it’s one of the most unique vehicles I’ve seen, and has tons of potential.

It’s going to be one hell of a project, but then, what isn’t?

The guy who gave it to me was literally jumping up and down when I told him my plans for it – to style it as closely as possible to the warm, lush bohemian interiors of the old circus wagons. We’ll see what the space allows for.

Interesting thing – it isn’t a ’54 Ford. The year and make are completely unknown, and there is no VIN. It’s origin is a complete mystery – and as of now, it has none.

Though I’m exhausted, I want to go out and have a few drinks to celebrate tonight, somewhere. Right now I’m in the East Bay.

Anyone want to join?

Hope so, ’cause I ain’t going out to celebrate alone. Just not as much fun.

Let me know.


I need some biggy-time computer help…

Tue, October23, 2007 It looks like Clotho (my laptop) might actually be dead – not absolutely certain yet, but I’ve tried a few things that friends have recommended to no avail.

Also, I finally had the opportunity to plug my external hard drive to Bobzilla’s computer yesterday, and – well, it’s dead too. Won’t be recognized, yo.


On Clotho I have irreplaceable photos, my books, other writings, important things for Big Top Magazine – just loads of stuff that I would really love back and can’t replace – and on my external, 20 gigs of music collected over years and years, even from back when Napster was still free. Lots of weird shit that is incredibly difficult to find, as well as compilations from friends – things I really want to hear again.

I need this stuff back!

I would LOVE to get Clotho up and running again, we’ve been through a lot together – it seems to want to, but just doesn’t have the spirit, and I don’t have the know-how.

I’ll be in on the lookout for a super cheap (though necessarily fast and powerful, I have lots of stuff going on in the digital world) laptop soon, but in the meantime, can anyone recommend an incredibly inexpensive place/person to help me try to fix these things? Could it be you?

I would much rather it be a friend – I’ve done the “bring it in for repair” thing before, and that was just a friggin’ nightmare.

SO – if anyone knows of anyone who might be able to help me with these things, please let me know –


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Thursday, October 24th, 2007

Well, almost.

I finally found some tires for my (temporarily named) MotorBeast, and they’re on order. Fuckity fuck, they’re expensive, but it absolutely needs to be done – the front tires are rotted flat. Thanks the gods I have a decent paying gig tonight, so I can spend almost all the money made on tires.

Hopefully I’ll get those on tomorrow, which will make me feel comfortable enough to crawl under the Beast and replace the fuel tank. Really uncomfortable about doing it now, lifting it tweaked the hell out of a 2 ton jack – actually bent the thin quite well, an right now it rests on jack stands that are also rated at 2 tons.

I ain’t crawling under the thing. No way. Not until I get those tires on.

I FOUND TIRES! It just hit me – this thing is happening.

Hopefully when I get the fuel tank in and connected, get a battery hooked into it and see what the motor needs, it won’t need much. Hopefully.

I started stripping the peeling varnish off the wood paneling a couple days ago, then sat in it for about 1/2 hour, trying to figure out how to re-create the inside. It needs to be softened, made into a home. I have too many ideas running through my head, and space is quite limited.

Keeping the shower in back, keeping the heater and built-in closet space. I ripped the stove out, and the fridge is going too as well s the whole kitchen counter and sink. I’ll survive with a toaster-oven and microwave. Perhaps a smaller and newer fridge. That will open the back up for storage – a bar to hang clothes and a couple dressers, shelving. On the forward facing wall of the closet I’m going to install book shelves. MY BOOKS! Finally, most of them out of boxes.

My life out of bags and crates, at least a little bit.


Picked up some beautiful material to replace the nasty-ass curtains yesterday, the two main side windows are cut and ready to be sewn.
Most of the floor will be covered in an oriental-style carpet, lush fabrics and pillows everywhere. Soft edges, soft light…

a home.



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