at the rainbow's end, beginning

Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue,

and those dreams that you dared

to dream

really do come true.



I dared, I still do.

I dreamt, I still do, I need to as I am not me without my dreams.


Dreams really do come true, if you dare to dream them.

You need to trust me on this. You need to believe.


I am broke, I have nothing that this holiday calls to give, so I will give you me and something that I have learned. Nothing less, nothing more.


Believe. That is all, that is not easy.


Look at my life – the life of a lone wanderer, the life of a vagabond in love with everything but finding nothing to match his magick. How long have I screamed for “the one”? From lifetimes past, present, perhaps the future, I have dared, I have given up my life looking for – her.


NO. I have grown, I grow, I have searched and I want to believe that this search is over, I believe. I believe. 


I know.


I know that it has been far too long that my Sea has reflected such depths of love in the Moon, My Luna.


I need you to believe, as all of your dreams will come true.


Look at my life, see me.


Keep dreaming, keep daring, love.

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