in other news…

the news you don’t hear:

All around the world:

hundreds of thousands of people woke up, streched, and smiled beautifully.

thousands of children took their first breath of a new life, and

millions of children laughed.

millions of kittens pounced on a shadow, millions of puppies stumbled over their own feet while chasing their best friend, and got back up with a goofy smile on their face.

Thousands of people fell in love for the first time.

Millions of people looked up to the sun, took a deep breath, and believed in beauty again.
Thousands of people decided to look up to the rain, smiled, and their life changed at that very second.

Billions of people said “I Love You” and meant it.

hundreds of thousands of families ate a meal together, talked, and laughed.

Millions of people opened their hearts, and sang completely off key alone
while others sang beautifully.

hundreds of thousands of people wrote a love letter to someone special to them,
and thousands of those letters were written to themselves so that they could remember how beautiful they are.

Millions of love letters were read for the first, second,or third time.

Millions of people heard a song that made them stop, listen, forget their worries – and smile.

Millions of people thanked their parents or grandparents, alive or not.

and thousands more puppies were just hugged by children, and hundreds of thousands of older dogs looked to their companion with the deepest of love, and were looked back at with the same…

and lives were saved. I know without a doubt that at times if I didn;t have my Bean to take care of, the trigger would have been pulled, or the blade would opened me up to drain…

hundreds of thousands of kittens snuggled close to their mothers, and were caressed by her tongue.

Billions of birds danced in the sky.
Billions of flowers bloomed,
Billions of plants and trees felt the sun, and grew.

Millions of people danced with a beautiful abandon,
Millions of people did something that they didn’t believe that they could do,
thousands remembered the dreams they had as a child and started chasing them, and

millions of people shared their first kiss.

This news was brought to you out of necessity, because you’ll never hear it on the TV or read it in the papers.

Trust me though. It happened.

These things happen every single day.

Never forget how much beauty there is in the world. Sometimes it’s hard, I know – but try.

This message was inspired by many things, many people – but mostly by a beautiful woman named Francesca, my instructor at my “Yoga of the Breath course.

There is no image to go with it for a reason. I want you to reate your own images in your mind, in your heart – and smile.

I love you.

(one billion and one…)


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