It went well tonight, our short performance. For what it is, I am pleased with what it became.

I wrote it just a bit over a year ago, my first – and it has grown as much as it could since then. Tonight was the first time it has been able to be done in the way I envisioned when the pen hit the paper so long ago.

Anastasia & I did well, but gods, in this short year there is still so much I would change, so much more of a story to tell…

It went well tonight, beter than it ever was in the few times we have performed it – but now, now my mind is wrapped up in new things.

Clockworks is my first child, but there is so much more seething under my skin, now that I have conquered that fear…

To all of you that saw it and appreciated, thank you, thank you so very much – but there is more coming…

This old dog is learning new tricks.

Swing by on Sunday, the third and last day of the Edwardian Weekend to see the performance by Holly and myself. Just a taste of things to come…

So fucking tired. Can’t write right, need to sleep.

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