Whatcha think?

My eyes are bleeding, my brain is mush – but it’s coming along.

I think I’ve finally decided on a design & style that I like after trying countless others and spending countless hours.I am trying to focus on ease of navigation while sacrificing as little of the pretty and fun as possible.

Most of the site is still in the works (and coming together beautifully!) in the background, but I opened one link for your opinions and constructive criticism.
Let me know what you think! Hate it? What do you dislike and how would you change it? Love it? Why? Does it draw you in and entice you to explore, and if not – how could I change it so it would?

– click on the “Ten In One” button, then the photo. (The photo will be a rollover image once the site is fully optional telling where/what/who the picture leads to).

What would you change, if anything, and why?

My main goal is making it easily accesible to everyone, not just our beautiful community. Eventually I want to combine elegance and fun, and that will come… but for now, whatcha think?

Thanks for looking, and man, once the first issue is done and the site completely live, there’s going to be one hell of a celebration!


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