What I've been doing…

I seldom come to LJ anymore, seldom post here – because for a while it had the audacity to eat posts I had written. Honestly, I miss it – but the past almost three months have been consumed by a dream I needed to make true, real.
It’s real now. Please repost and push this everywhere you possibly can – the main purpose is to introduce and unite people, let them get to know each other – and ultimately change the world…

…Step right this way, ladies and gentlemen, and enter the Big Top! A place of wonder, delight and whimsy, a place of dreams and desires!

A place called home.

This site began as a vision of mine somewhere around a year ago, and though it has been met with many challenges in it’s creation – with more to come, I’m sure – here it is, for you.

One of the primary goals I have for it is connecting us, all around the world. The artists, the dreamers, the people who have the power to change the world through beauty – and do. That’s absolutely everybody as far as I’m concerned, but maybe someone just needs a kick in the ass to get them going.

Please push and post this site everywhere you possibly can think of; It is the first and only of it’s kind out there as far as I know, and maybe someone has been looking for it – which is where the seed for this dream was planted. I was that person not too long ago.

Though I wish to keep away from political issues, I do want to address the numerous ways we can improve the world around us. Red, Black, White & yellow – with a Green tint. Dig what I’m saying?

SO – please check out the site, push it around to everyone, everywhere, and most importantly, enjoy it. There’s a lot of words, but I focused on putting in pretty pictures as well. Also an unknown link here or there. More to come.




With lots of love,


~ kSea flux







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