REVOLUTION is coming!

…and damn, it’s coming up SOON!
If you plan on going, please purchase your tickets now!

Spending glorious hours creating the perfect flow for Revolution, promoting it on every site I can find, in every way I can imagine – and others I couldn’t before. Please forgive me if you’ve received incessant announcements, but though you may have been to our beloved Bohemian Carnival before and seen many of the same performers, trust me – this will be quite different, and I have made a conscious effort to make it so.
I must admit that though I am performing very little in it (something I can’t explain the details of on any public forum – start gossiping amongst yourselves and let it spread like wildfire) I absolutely love orchestrating each infinitesimal minute, directing attention, creating more of an immersion than a show for the entire five hours. An experience that you surely don’t want to miss, and I’m honored to be a small part of, at least visually.

Fat City is not that big of a venue, and I am taking over part of it for the Green Room in order to make the amazing performers as comfortable as possible, so that makes it even smaller. (Still, it has two full bars, so rest easy – you’ll get your drink!) And that is what leads me to this:

PLEASE purchase advance tickets! Mainly because I would hate to have you turned away at the door, but also because in order to produce this (biggytime honesty coming) the show needs some advance scratch to help it happen. Sure, it’s a benefit, but don’t be fooled – just to create it costs pretty pennies, and it is very time sensitive.
With the incredible promotion that this event has received from myself and others, I am certain that it will sell out – and people I don’t even know have already started purchasing advance tickets. Because of the size of the venue, the guest list will need to be very limited, so don’t expect them – and I am dreadfully sorry for that. If you have any questions, please email me. (hey, look at me! I knows how to do web-pagey stuff now, complete with tantalizing video for the ADHD & ADD crowd!)

Gitcher tickets & tickets for your friends now! You will have a solid hand in helping to make this the most incredible show you evah did see!

Thanks for reading, listening, supporting – and Stazl, for calling me out, and back into what matters.

(Somehow I feel like that masked magician person, who explained everything and let you know how easy it was – but this is kinda the opposite. It ain’t easy. Then again, and perhaps as a result -I friggin’ LOVE it!)

Oh, and in case you missed that link before?

Yapple dapple. Need ya to get them tickets. It’s a win win thing! You get in, and you get in for less scratch. I am able to make a better show for you. (And if I get enough advance ticket purchases, each person on the “Will Call” list will receive an incredibly inane toy!)


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