Tentatively, I'm friggin' thrilled!

I have no question that REVOLUTION is going to do insanely well. I have the inside word, and yeah, we’re talking sell-out. I’ve been constructing an insanely beautiful dreamscape for the show and promoting it to a horribly annoying degree (and I hope that you don’t hate me for that) but it is all worth it.

In a land of uncertainty, where advance tickets are a commitment that no one wants to make, (and I understand this – I’ve never bought an advance ticket in my life, usually because I didn’t have the scratch and just waited until the night hoping that it could happen…) but they are selling, and selling quickly…

This show is a vehicle that just might transform my life – pay back old debts and perhaps purchase a new vehicle/home. Bobzilla and Meridian have been so insanely kind in letting me park my unrunning Beast in front of their home, but there is a possibility that, if the show does well, I might be able to purchase a running home – for less than it would take to get The Beast running. On top of that, it comes with a ticket for Burning Man, and there are visions I have to create a daily blog on the mag (my baby) from the Red Nose District, Queen circus shit on the Esplanade.

It’s been a long time, and I’ve worked hard – but I am pretty certain that this beautiful life is changing for the better again, and for the first time, doing something that effects more than one person at a time – and helps.

It has taken a long fucking time to find it, but I did – giving up loads of income for nothing, but I have never been truly happier, never felt like such a small person could make such a difference.

REVOLUTION is only the first – it will continue – and I intend to go worldwide. Probably not making money, but helping.

If this show does well (and it looks like it is going to kick ass – but I don’t want to do the chickens before they hatch thang), I’ll possibly be able to purchase a new rolling home. One that works and doesn’t require me to invest thousands just to get it running…….. I can only hope that this rolling home will still be available.
My oh my, this is a strange and beautiful life that I have chosen.

My Doctor told me I wasn;t dying. (that suprised us both, I think me more than him.) I guess making the best of living is all,
all that matters…

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