Big Top, baby!

Imagine the photo above with the Big Top logo – imagine the photo as my new home. Super cheap, right NOW! Right now.

Friggin’ beautiful, perfect.

Advertise anything on Big Top or just simply donate to it – I swear, once this is taken care of you will only hear event announcements from me. But NOW, this is primary, extra special important.

All I need is 19 people to offer $100 to their belief in Big Top within the next couple of days. $100 ain’t nothin’ by itself, I’ve spent much more than that in a day, easy – but combined… just 19 people. actually, no! I’ve saved a bit over $200 which I ain’ t  touching until I get a rolling home, so that is just 17 people – Just SEVENTEEN of the 3,956 who have come to the Big Top site from all over the world!

Only $100. Only 17 people, and things will rock for Big Top! Or 34 people at less than the cost for a good dinner at $50. Feeeeel it baby, feel the satisfaction!

The cool thing is that this doesn’t need only be donation – it could be advertising as well! Every cent goes into helping Big Top help you help Big Top help me help you help the world, etc etc. Suffice it to say – time is of the essence, and any help will -…  will HELP!

Yeah – I’m excited, and eloquence escapes me…
Got a buck to invest or offer? A ‘1’ with a couple of zeroes in front of it, or just a ‘1’? anything. Advertise with “The Best of The Bay”, or just simply be adored and thanked on the site, your name (if you wish) lit up in lights as an appropriate “Thank You”  Soooo much better than a silly mention on your local museum’s wall, as more people will see it, and it costs SO much less!

Could YOU be a Big Top benefactor? Betcha you can, and I thank you in advance. Best of The Bay, Best in the world! Name in lights and all of that, if you want it. I’ll give you anything I can, just asking for a minuscule bit. Big Top needs to get moving, and YOU can help! Here’s how…

Thank you!


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