Cheap update…

Amanda Palmer & I

are now perhaps in a competition.

My schedule needs to excel hers within six months, for future obligations under our belt. She’s just one – Revolution is many. Work is cut out. There’s a reason the DD took me on a few years ago – everything I do is saturated with passion…

Need a PA, need an advertising kickasser, going on a tour starting May if it kills me. She’s already got help.
(PA – not Prince Albert, personal assistant.)

She will be in the new Big Top issue. That, at least, is confirmed.

Big Top needs volunteers, needs advertising, needs your money! Things just got serious – If she wins, I’ll owe her an ice cream cone, hand delivered. (Or something similar.)

Delivering silly things is part of my M. O. – from coffee in a bag to a sandwich. Time to deserve someone else’s effort. Especially hers.

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going a bit crazy…

Already started working on a REVOLUTION tour. Just sent out two emails to amazing performers – unconfirmed, so unnamed.
Beginning in May ’09, three months.

If this happens, it will hit the usual cities, as well as those who just aren’t offered such beauty.

Wish me good fortune, give Big Top some love. As I learned from my first production, even a benefit takes thousands of $.

Just one guy following a dream, a warrior who knows what it is to see light – in Big Top, I see it.

Don’t want to be just one person – can’t. Need volunteers to push advertising on the site, need you. You will be rewarded in love, eventually in cash. All I can offer.

The third issue of Big Top is looking amazing – but lots of work to do. End of September.

Wed, August 27, 2008 – 1:22 AM

A sacred silence…

In a way it is deafening – somewhat akin to being immersed under a waterfall, or in the depths of the Sea where all is heard is a heartbeat, never knowing if it was just yours, or the life of everything…
I used to spend as much time as possible under the water. Any water…

I have time now to work, and strangely I do so with much more fervor. I have time now to not worry too much in the seconds lost from sleep – and gods, I actually got five hours lat night. Still up before the sun, I gots me a new direction! Each and every day is filled with solitary excitement, looking forward to the new issue of big Top.

I really have no way of expressing how much I love this – the words just don’t exist, all I can do is show you. Heh – that reminds me so perfectly of something I heard once, that the very thin line between love and hate is never solid. I’ve finally learned what I need to do, but at the same time wish I never had. Never knew what I need to do would take so much work! Never realized how, for the first time, I could die today and know that I’ve done something. Never sacrificed so little for so much, when it comes down to it.

Okay – back to work! There is nothing more exquisite.Nothing that I had the right to ask you for help more – because I can offer something back.

Shoobydoobie! Life is beautiful.


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