Looking for totter…

as I’m teetering. Last I remember was looking at the clock saying almost 9am… then waking up in an odd position with my hand on the computer, Nick Cave blasting.

texts on my phone, instant messages waiting, Tribe messages as well.
Went to my email. Told a likely side-job that I’m only available on Sunday. Returning client, but committed to a friend on Sat.

Really wanted Sunday to totter. Need money more, and this should be good money – disassembling furniture I assembled, moving it, re-assembling it.

Have a appointment for blood work with my Dr. on my birthday next Friday, but fuck it – if something pays, I’m taking it. Fuck birthday, would rather have a reason to celebrate the four months of this magazine instead. Would rather have a home, the smallest bit of security.

Gods, what joy that would bring! My first actual home, mine all mine, in a few years. Slept on couches, slept in a beautiful Forest, had a few short months living in my own blue tarp apartment in NOLA shortly after Katrina, just big enough to almost move around in a bit when the futon was folded.

Things need to change. Now. The magazine is growing, but now, I need your help.

150 people to donate $41 for my 41st birthday to help Big Top. Advertisers so that I can rely on monthly income and employ two people, and know that I can, guaranteed, pay them. Tank is the only paid advertiser, and just renewed – brought me a check, along with a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon (my favorite) and a ticket for Nick Cave!

Gots to get back to work, wrangling interviews, planning for the future. Creating my off-playa  art. Heh – those beautiful fools only work for around six months creating theirs, then it’s gone. I will work for the rest of my life for mine, and hopefully it will continue when I go.

http://www.bigtopmagazine.com Please help! If you can’t through a financial donatin or advertising, then simply let everyone else know about it.

Big Top lovies,
~ kSea


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