Probably shouldn't be writing…

as I haven’t really slept in a few days, just trying to figure out how to do one thing on my site, my art, my dream, created for you…
Got it – feeling triumphant.

Also took down the pointless front cover, redesigned the top banner… and figured out over sleepless times how to do what I intended to do – a beautiful slide show of images from Big Top Magazine’s first production, Revolution!

Please read the “Founders Note” on the first page, and if you can help, do. Big Top has been helped tremendously since my original post, from entirely unexpected people – people I know have very little, and that is incredibly appreciated. They just want to see this magazine, the first of its kind, continue.
Me? I just want to continue it, and Big Top takes no less than all I have. Spread the site everywhere. Advertise or donate. Times are tight, and Big Top needs your help

My 41st birthday is coming up soon, a week and a day. $41 from only 150 people  would do far more than help Big Top – it would be appreciated by the over 4000 people who have visited the site so far, and help it get more to dig it, baby…

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