Friday is my friggin' Birthday!

…so Saturday, come out and play!

No time to plan anything extraordinary due to getting the next issue of Big Top together and putting together future endeavors, so I’m just keeping it simple – Zeitgeist! Come on out for some drinks, revelry, and general mayhem before I dive back into the magazine and all it is becoming again – I truly would love to see you, laugh, and play!

Zeitgeist, Valencia @ Duboce, S.F. – starting at around 2:00pm

AND (yeah, you *knew* this was coming!) if you happen not to be able to make it but still want to celebrate my 41st trip around the Sun – as well as the fact that, against all odds, I actually made it here – you can! I’m still working hard to make Big Top better, and the immidiate thing that involves is a better living situation & my own actual computer. For the cost of just a few drinks on any given night you can help!
If only a small number of people donate $41 to Big Top (for my 41st b-day) then I will be well on my way! 150 people, $41 – tiny expense to you, but it would ROCK the Top, baby! (It’s also Big Top’s 4 month anniversary!)

Come on out and play, I would love to see you in all three dimensions!

– or sacrifice a few drinks or eight-ish cups of coffee, and honor my existence (and Big Tops existence) by helping for my B-Day! For more details on how you can help, go here

Love ya all, and I hope to see you!

~ kSea


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